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Simple Launch Logic

Kiss Ventures’ Proprietary Product Launch & Sales Management Methodology

LORESemail-and-social-and-physicalSimple Launch Logic is our way of determining the fastest and most profitable marketing channels for your business. We know how to use each of them, but pursuing every marketing channel is not always the right call for your business. Simple Launch Logic works in your favor to show you which ones are going to most effectively build your community and drive more sales.

The Simple Launch Logic system starts out with the main categories of promotion: Email, Social, and In-Person. In some circumstances, we add in Traditional Media. Together, these main categories break into further sub-categories which we call channels. Channels range from Facebook to Hosted Events, and they each have their own pros and cons. Using these channels, we develop strategies to build your community around your core values and existing product line (if any). From there, we form plans to turn those community members into paying customers.

This whole process starts with the creation of your Roadmap, an in-depth timeline that breaks down your next launch or sales management system into specific deliverables. If you’re interested in working together and having Simple Launch Logic work in your favor, click the button below to get started.

Your Best Product Launch
Is Yet To Come

You may be a ten-time New York Times Bestseller, or you may just be getting started. No matter what stage you’re in, your biggest moment lies ahead. We’re here to help pave the way, and it begins with your product roadmap, a highly-detailed launch architecture customized for your product.