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Click the link below and request access to the Sodality Facebook group. That’s where everything begins.

About Sodality

Sodality is a community of emerging tech visionaries, experts, and entrepreneurs who are destined to improve humanity with technology. Our events help members achieve that goal through a unique blend of group brainstorming and fast-paced interviews with industry leaders.

As a member of Sodality, you have access to some of the world’s leading minds. Whether you’re ready to learn, brainstorm, start a business, or surround yourself with other visionaries, Sodality will be your source. The more you support your fellow members, the more you receive in the form of knowledge, friendship, and opportunities.

We’re an online techno-philanthropic community.

It’s like nothing you’ve seen before. The Sodality community is run through Facebook and operations are administrated by the Kiss Ventures group. Every month, we focus on 12 categories of philanthropic giving, which give rise to guest interviews, brainstorming sessions, and even new companies.

When you join the Facebook community for Sodality, you’ll get tapped into a central source of techno-philanthropic futurists. Each member comes from all walks of life and has something unique to offer our shared vision of improving humanity with technology.

Your Host: Dan Russell

I’ve always loved spending time with really smart, visionary people who work as hard as they play. They like to go all out in every area of life, whether that’s in creating innovative products, building businesses, or dropping it on the dance floor. That’s why I started Sodality.

Bringing people together for a common positive cause is a great way to enact massive positive change, which is why I host events like this. But simply going to an event isn’t enough. There needs to be a community – a spirit. Sodality is a place to bridge the gap between great minds, great businesses, and life in its purest form.

This is a tribe of visionary peers who will blow your mind. We’re here to support your journey toward changing the world – because we’re on that same journey with you. Want to experience it for yourself? Attend our next event and I’ll show you.



Click the link below and request access to the Sodality Facebook group. That’s where everything begins.