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Your Roadmap

Start Putting A Plan Behind Your Products

At the start of every new Kiss Ventures client partnership, we initiate a discovery process in order to create your customized Roadmap. This is an in-depth process of reading, listening, watching, and understanding your brand to a level that no other agency has done for you before.

This discovery process is the only way we’ve found to ensure the content we produce for you, from copywriting materials to design to video content, is on brand. The Roadmap then follows as an execution plan for our team to carry out your next big project. It could be a new product launch, a sales backend, or an evergreen buildout. Whatever the case, there needs to be a plan in place and a way to measure its success. That’s what the Roadmap does.

What does the Roadmap look like?

The Roadmap is typically an 8-10 page long document that outlines the steps that we recommend taking in order to properly execute your next project. With that document, you could carry out the project on your own; that’s how we designed it. What we’ve found over time is that the value of our services lies both in the strategy as well as the execution.

When you receive the Roadmap, you’re not just receiving a plan; you’re receiving the buy-in of a team that can actually pull it off.

Here’s what’s included in your Roadmap:

  1. Where You Are Now. This includes a brief overview of where your business lies now in terms of the elements that need to change in order for your project to be successfully executed.
  2. Where You’re Headed. This is a description of what “life” looks like after your immediate goals are reached, and what lies after that point as the next steps for your business.
  3. How To Get There. This is the meat of the document. In this section, we provide the exact detailed steps required in order to complete your project and start generating recurring ongoing sales for your business through the addition of a new revenue stream (via a new product, evergreen setup, more efficient sales or support backend, etc).
  4. Recommended Timeline. In this section, we break down the implemention of the Roadmap strategy into phases, each of which is further broken into weekly deliverables. This is a timeline that’s been vetted by our own project managers based on our own experience in running launches and building online and offline sales backends.
  5. Your Options Moving Forward. In this section, we’ll provide a few next steps for you. The option that’s always available is to take the Roadmap and implement it yourself. That’s always an option, and sometimes a good one! More often, however, the popular choice is engaging in one or more of our service packages. We’ll share our own timeline for getting started, how we manage communication and project completions, and what you can expect from us in terms of service excellence and deliverables.

How can I get my Roadmap?

There are two ways to get a Roadmap of your own.

First, you can initiate the process instantly by submitting a Roadmap purchase below. That will get the team up and running within 24 hours, over which time you’ll receive an email from one of our strategists to schedule your first planning call. Your Roadmap will then be built over the course of the following 10 days, at which point we’ll schedule a 60-minute followup call to walk through it in detail.

Second, you can submit an application for a complimentary Roadmap. This is an option reserved for philanthropic and mission-driven brands, and we only accept around 3% of applications. We’ve made this an option as a result of our own mission, and it’s designed to assist early-stage and fledgling businesses that, quite honestly, deserve a break.

Note: If you are an established business (Over $100,000 USD in annual revenue) or are on a tight schedule, the application process will not be the best option for you. If you have questions around this process, please contact our sales team at


Roadmap Fee: $697

Upon purchase you’ll be contacted immediately by a Kiss Ventures project manager.


Complimentary Roadmap

Estimated Response Time: 3 Days