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Written Q3 2016

The following is our “Vivid Vision.” It is a detailed overview of what our business will look like, feel like, and act like three years out—by January 1, 2020. Sharing it with others helps it become reality! So this is a document that’s available to partners, potential investors, clients, and all who need to know how and why we work.

What We Do

It’s currently January 1, 2020 and Kiss Ventures is more successful than ever, both impactfully and financially. We provide end-to-end product launch and sales management services for clients around the world. That means that if something is being sold through a website, social media, or B2B/direct response streams, we provide the strategy and execution to help our clients reach their sales and growth targets.

Our mission, as it has always been, is to improve humanity. We do that through the creative application of technology and marketing, along with the daily exercise of our core values:

The Kiss Ventures Core Values


Product launches can get really complicated. Our passion is in simplifying the whole product experience for you. From concept to sales management, we want you to rest easy knowing we’re thinking of everything. This philosophy applies internally as well. Our team is always focused on simplifying our work and removing internal complexities. At the end of the day, you receive better service and we’re loving what we do even more.


What gets measured gets improved (we didn’t say that. Peter Drucker did. Or so he says)! We also happen to live in an age where everything is digital. And we’re working in an industry that’s built on KPI’s. So, essentially, there’s no reason NOT to improve! The Kiss team is constantly focused on improving our culture, our team performance, and our client launches and sales through the creative and consistent monitoring of high-quality data sources, all the way from Facebook ads to how much coffee we’re drinking.


No team can possibly reach its potential without passionate partners, and clients are not excluded from that. We strive to work, both internally and from a client-facing standpoint, with individuals who are intensely passionate about their area of expertise, as well as larger scale causes and challenges facing humanity.


We’re a team who loves to travel and experience all that the world has to offer. So we’ve built our company in a way that supports those goals and places us in environments that enable even better productivity than we’d reach in an office. How’s that for the best of both worlds?


Relationships are built on trust, and loyalty is the ultimate form of trust, no matter what type of relationship. It must be earned, and every action we take on behalf of our team members and clients affects this trust. Thus, the actions we take on behalf of team members and clients are predicated on the assumption that the ensuing result will foster and build trust for everyone involved.


The business world constantly changes, and so must our own business in order to keep up with, and in some cases lead the change, in changing markets and cultural norms. So we’re constantly evaluating ways of improving and evolving, even on the most fundamental levels of our business. That’s how we can continue providing our clients with world-class service and remain competitive.

So far over the past 3 years, we’ve successfully launched 25 products that grossed over a million dollars and leverage evolved enterprise methods to improve humanity on a grand scale. These products range across a variety of industries and types, but all share a common bond: a connection to for-good initiatives around the world.

Our Purpose

As a part of doing this, we’ve partnered with a variety of charities that are improving humanity. We define “improve” as a measurable positive change in a relevant key indicator related to one of the improvement initiatives below. We define “humanity” as the collective wellbeing of every person in the universe.

To focus our efforts toward positive change in humanity, we’re directing financial and other resources to the most impactful organizations, from NGO’s and non-profits to for-profit evolved enterprises, in the following 12 areas:

12 Categories of Philanthropy

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Disaster Relief

Space Travel

As Kiss Ventures grows and sets its sights on larger projects, these areas will be the focal points of our contribution to humanity. Our ultimate goal is to start and seed companies within the Kiss ecosystem which set and follow the same priorities.

Our Brand

Our company brand has grown from a little-known agency in the internet marketing world to serving as a global marketing leader, specifically with online and offline product launches. We’re youthful, energetic, and rebellious, and that brand is reflected in the way we communicate, the events we host, and the initiatives we run. We’ve launched apps, physical products, celebrity brands, and information products, all on behalf of clients, and we’re now entering our next growth stage through our first enterprise-level advertising contracts.

The one thing clients note about us – and by that, we mean every single person they meet at Kiss – is that our mission and core values drive us first and foremost. We know there are more than enough business problems to be solved out there, but having a culture-rich and happy team is what will serve as the primary foundation of the company, and will be what allows us to successfully tackle each of those problems.

Our Team

Core Value #2, Independence, comes shining through with the team members we work with. Every team member at Kiss is known as a “partner,” and they’re treated as such. We employ Holocracy principles throughout the company, which provides every partner with specific areas of responsibility and authority. This increases learning and accountability and puts clients on fast tracks toward fast results.

Our partners love working at Kiss and frequently refer to their fellow partners as their second family. We’re a fully remote company with a “hub” office in San Diego, where partners can meet up to work, hang out, and even use as a central hub for travels.

Our Services

We’ve expanded our service offering from mid-tier digital product launch services to multi-year sales management contracts. Our product launch services are the best in the industry, and we’re regarded as the go-to B2B experts when it comes to building and launching high-quality products. Our sales management contracts are long-term, and our CLV is over $100,000 for sales management clients, whom we work with closely to either revamp or boost sales efforts.

Our customers, while ranging across a wide spectrum of industries, each offer products that integrate evolved principles which serve to benefit both the company as well as humanity at large.

We’ve just closed our first enterprise advertising deal, which we expect to grow over the coming years to be one of the primary, if not the single largest, sources of revenue for Kiss.

Our Marketing

We get the word out about our own services through high-leverage networking and careful lead generation through the website. Our ideal clients have strong brands, a new product to launch that lines up with our evolved enterprise goals, clarity around their marketing needs, and a high marketing budget.

We’ve positioned ourselves as an approachable consumer brand with a sterling reputation in the B2B world. The consumer side is primarily driven by media creation, speaking opportunities, and books written by our founder, Dan. This reputation extends into the B2C community through entrepreneurial resources and productive for-good futurism content that ties back into the products we help promote.

Our Profitability

Kiss Ventures’ profitability has increased by at least 100% yearly over the past 3 years, and we’ve increased margins every year since our founding. This is primarily due to an effective partner hiring strategy and profit-sharing initiatives with high-profile clients.

We’ve been certified as a B-Corp and practice sustainable growth in every area of the business. When major decisions are made with regard to expansion, new clients, or strategic shifts, we heavily consider (and invest in) the for-good initiatives we’ve contributed to in the 11 contribution categories outlined above.

What’s Next For Us

We’re looking forward to working with our newest enterprise client and bringing on additional partners in the media and advertising circle. With these new partnerships, we’ll be able to fulfill our mission to an even greater degree, improving humanity in even more powerful ways.

Over the next 3 years, we’ll have our sights set on creating and supporting our second Kiss company, further extending the Kiss brand into developing countries, and setting up an incubation fund for high-potential projects that are created within Kiss Ventures.

Your Best Product Launch
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You may be a ten-time New York Times Bestseller, or you may just be getting started. No matter what stage you’re in, your biggest moment lies ahead. We’re here to help pave the way, and it begins with your product roadmap, a highly-detailed launch architecture customized for your product.